By Fisayomi


You know that joy you got when you fellowship day by day with the Holy Ghost, Hallelujah!
Oluwafisayomi (God added to my joy)
Glory to Jesus!

The more I found you
The more joy I got
You draw me closer
Joy gets higher
Your statutes are mine
Heritage forever
Your word gets deeper
Joy of my heart.

Oluwafisayomi moyo
(The Lord added to my joy, I rejoice)
O fun mi lebun omo re
(He gave me the gift of his son)
O f’emi mimo kun
(And added the Holy Spirit)
Imole de ko se kun mo ooooo (There is light, no more sorrows)
I’ve got joy unspeakable joy.

Choir repeat verse and chorus


Call: Joy like a river
Jesus gave to me
Response: Joy like a river
Call: Joy like a river
O Fisayomi (He added to my joy)
Response:Joy like a river
Call: Ayokunnu mi (I’m filled with joy)
Joy like a river…..
Response: Joy like a river

Idamu tan (Struggles have end)
Iforo kan osi loro mimo (No more oppression for me)
Emi mimo lo dari ese mi (The Holy Spirit orders my steps)
Joy like a river……
I have Jesus, I have joy, the additional is the Holy Ghost in me
This is the reality of your abiding presence
Emi mimo lo ma yo mi kun (The Holy Spirit makes my joy full)
My heart rejoice in the Holy Ghost nothing can can take this away from me
Yes, He dwells in my heart Out of my Belly shall flow rivers of living water

Joy like a river

Chorus ending:
Imole de ko se kun mo ooo(There is light, no more sorrows)
I’ve got joy, unspeakable joy

(Ko se kun mo (No more cries)
Kose kun mo (No more cries)
I’ve got joy
I’ve got joy)

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